Help me

how you make an additional stitch in lace pattern at the end of the row ?? i cannot figure it out… :?? please help

You want to make one as in increase it, or add another stitch to the row like for a border?

To add another stitch in the row cast on one more and knit it. On the other side, if the lace pattern is also worked on that row, your first stitch in the lace pattern would actually begin with the second stitch of the row. If the next row is just knit or purl across, include the first stitch.

To increase the lace pattern itself, it would depend how the pattern is written.


Does the pattern just say to increase at the end of the row? If so, you can knit in front and back of the last stitch, and then work it in pattern when you come to it again.

the pattern says "work row 1 of circular pattern, place a marker on right needle, m1. could i just knit f&b on last stitch ???