Help me



I am knitting a pattern that calls for one row of k2 together 3 times then yarn over 6 times
I started out with 210 cast on stitches but got 242 after that row
Every 6 rows I am supposed to repeat that row which would seem to me to keep getting larger and larger
It’s a baby blanket I’m making
They call it a feather and fan pattern


Welcome to KH!
Usually feather and fan (really Old Shale) is a repeat of k2tog 3 times, yarn over, k1 6 times, k2tog 3 times. That way the 6 yarn over increases are balanced by 6 k2tog decreases.
What particular pattern are you following? Can you give us the name or a link to the pattern?


Omg you are so right. I read the pattern wrong ! Thanks so much!