I am not a knitter but on hearing of the advent of my first grandchild I have put needles to wool but with some difficulty! what does the following mean?
Next row Rib 3, cast off 1 st, rib to end
Next row Rib to last 3 sts, cast on 1 st, rib3
Work 3 rows more in rib.
I would greatly appreciate some help!

What are you making? If the pattern is free posting a link to it helps. If it’s not free sometimes a link to it helps with the pictures.

Right off with no idea what you’re making my guess is the cast off/cast on is a button hole.

A cardigan. I think that you are right about button holes as I can’t see any reference to them in the pattern. however, I still don’t know how to proceed as these are my next instructions. Thanks for the quick response.

I don’t work patterns much but Rib 3 means work 3 of the ribs whatever they may be, K1P1 or K2P2 etc. Rib to end definitely means to work the rib pattern you’ve got going to the end…

Please post a link and the name of the pattern. The code on the pattern is UKHKA 51

One tiny bad picture? Luckily I found some finished objects on Ravelry with a better picture.

Are you on the waist band? If so: That is K1 P1 1x1 rib. “Rib 3” means work the rib pattern 3 stitches. The better looking one on Ravelry has an all K button band so I don’t know what stitches “rib 3” is saying to do but work the pattern you’ve established.

Instead of “rib 3” read it like this…
The row before: Work in the established pattern.
Next Row: Work in pattern 3 stitches, cast off one, work in pattern to the end.
Next Row: Knit the knits and purl the purls except cast one on where you cast one off.
Next Row: Knit the knits, purl the purls.

It looks like the rib pattern goes for 10 rows total on the Ravelry FO but they could have that as work in pattern for a measurement in the instructions.

Thank you so much Mike. I really am very new to this knitting lark but don’t want to give up as I am finding it very satisfying to produce something by my own fair hands! ( I have already managed the hat!)