Help me with this strange yarn, please!

I’ve bought the yarn in the pic above,and I want to knit a scarf with it,but I don’t know how to do it!
I know there’s a special way.because the shop I bought this from had the instructions.but they were Turkish and I didn’t understand a word!:frowning:

when finished,every row should be upon the for example gable roof or something.I don’t know how to describe it better!

please,please,tell me how to knit a scarf with it!
I would be really thankful!^^

There are a couple yarn companies that make yarn like that. Here is lionbrand’s version, called Ruffles.
I’m sure each of these free patterns includes a tutorial how to knit with it.

I can’t think of any of the other brands/names. I know I’ve seen some in catalogs like Herrschners/Mary Maxim. I know there are other free patterns and tutorials for this type of yarn.

Yep - that first pattern that Marilyn linked to has a video tutorial that goes along with it. Click on the “free pattern” button and right underneath the picture is a link for a video and written instructions.

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If you have a link to the yarn or at least a name that is listed on the ball band it would help us answer better. :thumbsup:

wow,thanks so much Mirl 56!
I searched the name of the brand and yarn and found the instructions.
there was also that video Sunchine’s mom mentioned and it was great!all I needed really!
the secret is that you can’t knit that yarn must be knitted along with an ordinary yarn.
it’s so wonderful guys.believe me!you should try it at least once!!