Help me with this pattern please!

I am working on this pattern “Glasgow Argyle Scarf” on Ravelry and am not understanding the instructions, which says:

“On wrong side rows, work stitches in pattern and purl the yarn overs”

What would “work stitches in pattern” be for this complex cable pattern?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

On the WS you should purl the sts that were knit on the RS and knit the sts that were purled on the RS. (So when you see a loop on the wrong side purl it and when you see a V on the wrong side, knit it.) That leaves the yo’s and they are telling you to purl them on the WS. Pretty pattern!

The pattern is established on the RS rows so when you do the WS row, knit the sts that look like knits and purl the ones that look like purls and also the YOs.