Help me with this pattern. I'm extremely desperate

I’m doing the "Bernat Super Value Hoodie Dog Coat. Here’s the link to the pattern:

**** I’m doing the Large size

So I’m to the point of the [B][B]LEG OPENINGS[/B][/B]:
I’ve done this so far:
Leg Openings: Next row: (RS). K5 (5-7-11). Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. K36 (46-56-80) (including st on needle after cast off). Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. Knit to end of row.

So what I’m confused about is the rest of this section:

Note: All Leg sections are worked at the same time using separate balls of yarn for each section.
Beg with a purl row, work 1 (11⁄2-11⁄2-21⁄2) ins [2.5 (4-4-6) cm] in stocking st, ending with purl row.
Joining row: K5 (5-7-11). Cast on 4 (6-6-10) sts. K36 (46-56- 80). Cast on 4 (6-6-10) sts. Knit to end of row. 54 (68- 82-122) sts. Cont even until work after neckband measures 5 (61⁄2-8-11) ins [12.5 (16.5-20.5-28) cm], ending with purl row. Place marker at each end of last row.

Luckily, the row I already did, I started with a new ball of yarn, but I’m so lost when it comes to finishing the rest of this section. Will I be making the actual sleeves? It doesn’t seems like I would be since there’s a “Leg Edging” section. So after I did the first row of the “Leg Openings” section, will the “…beginning with a purl row, work 1…” Use a new ball of yarn or be separate from my actual work? I’m so confused. Please help.

Welcome to KH!
You’re going to need two more new balls or two new ends of yarn. Right now there’s 3 sets of sts on the needle with 2 gaps left by the bound off sts: 7__56__7. Each set of sts should be purled on the next row with its own ball of yarn.

So purl across the first 7sts with the yarn that’s already attached to the piece, drop that yarn, purl the next set of 56sts with a new strand of yarn and at the gap, drop that strand and start a new strand for the last 7sts.

These are just the openings for the legs, not the edging yet. After 1 1/2" you’ll use a single ball of yarn to work across all the sts, casting on new sts over the gaps.

Oh you are a godsend!!! Your explanation makes perfect sense to me and I understand exactly what your saying! Thank you so very much!