Help me with this doll sweater pattern please

Hi! I’m trying to finish a doll sweater for my daughter, and I’m just not skilled enough yet to figure the next part out.

The pattern is here:
The section I’m on is labeled “Shirt” and I’ve finished this: “Separate stitches into 2 groups of 35 stitches each. Put one set on holder.”

I simply cannot wrap my brain around the next instruction: “[I]BO 2 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows. You should be on a purl row, purl 1 row.[/I]
R1 (RS): K2, K2TOG knit till end of row, K2TOG, K2
R2 (WS): Purl
Repeat R1 and R2 twice.”

I do know how to do the R1 & R2 parts but don’t understand [B]which[/B] 2 rows to bind-off the 2 beginning stitches of, or why I should be on a purl row. Thank you so much for any help you can give!

You [U]were[/U] knitting in the round up to this point, with a knit side facing you for all of those rounds. But now that she is saying to work on the 70 st separately, with 35 st per section, you will be working front sides and back sides, ie “flat knitting” with purl/wrong sides and knit/right sides facing you.

Since the last row you knit before separating the 70 st was a right side (knit side) facing you…[U]a wrong side[/U] (purl side) [U]will be facing you[/U] for the first row of the 35 st section (with the instructions to BO2 at the beginning of that row)…so BO2 and finish the row as usual. Then you will turn the work, and the right side (knit side) will be facing you once again…and you will complete the bind off requirements and BO2 at the beginning of this row…and finish the row as usual, and turn the work again. Now, the purl side is facing you again. You will now follow the direction to “purl 1 row”. (this makes sense) Then you will turn the work, the right side (knit side) is facing you…and you will follow the directions for R1 and R2. Then you will Repeat R1 and R2 twice. (R1 is a right side/knit side facing; R2 is a wrong side/purl side facing…so this too makes sense)

Then you will follow the directions for this section by Knitting 5 rows in st st…which means you knit the right side and purl the wrong sides. (pattern says K5 rows in st st)

Now you are at the Neck Shaping!

You have been working this in the round and, of course, when you work every row that way you get stockinette. But at this juncture she is asking you to put half the stitches on a holder and begin to work the top part of the front in the next section. You will be doing it back and forth. Divide you stitches up and set up the holder so that the working yarn (which you don’t cut) is where you need it to begin the first row where you work back and forth. It will be a purl row. Bind off two stitches at the beginning of it and purl across. Then turn and BO 2 at the beginning of the knit row and knit across. Purl one more row. Now you are ready to begin the R1 given next. You are ready for a RS row because you did that extra purl row to get you in place.

You will be working the back and fronts separately and on the front when you get to the neck opening you work each shoulder separately. I think the back is done the same way basically. This is not a professionally written pattern I don’t think, and the wording of the place you were confused about perhaps could have been a little clearer, but that is what she means.

Cute outfit. Your daughter will love it.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you both for the explanations!!! LOL my brain just couldn’t get there! Now, if I hit another wall with the neck or the sleeves I’ll probably jump right back in here and ask…
Thanks so much!