Help me with Rowan east village jumper please?

As a fairly beginner knitter I’ve took on the ‘Rowan east village jumper’ - a nice jumper and fairly doable I thought. But quite soon now I have absolutely no idea how to interpret the pattern. Please help?!

After the 12 rows that form the pattern, you come back to RS with extra increases and then it says:
‘Working all sides increases as set by last row inc 1 st at each end of 7 foll 6th rows, then 2 foll 8th rows, working inc sts in st st. 106 sts.’

Can somebody please break down these instructions for me in to understandable pieces?

Do I need to add the last row’s increases to every pattern section I knit? Plus 1 stitch extra at end of every seventh row plus 6 after? And then 2 stitches at end of every row for 8 rows?
That adds up to more than the total of 106-88 is 18 stitches.

If anyone can offer some clarity it would be so much appreciated!!

Call the last row with the increases row 1 (it will also be row 1 of the pattern repeat). Work row 2 and turn so that you will have the RS facing. Increase on rows 3,9,15,21,27,33,39 and then rows 47 and 55. Those are the only increase rows. The stitch number willl increase 18sts (88 + 18 = 106).

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Thank you so much! I would never have understood so thanks a million :grimacing: