Help me with finger pain!!!

I’ve been knitting a lot lately; 3-4 baby blankets and working on a gift afghan too. I knit Continrntal style and today my index finger started to hurt. Right where that finger joins onto my hand. At first it hurt only when I was purling, but now it hurts when I press down to snap a lid closed too.

I really don’t want to give up knitting altogether unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve got more baby blankets to get done!!:smiley:

Any hints on how to get rid of the pain?? Any type of cream or something??

I don’t know Cindy. Sounds like it might be a carpel tunnel or over use type injury. Only thing I know is rest.

Sorry to hear that! Other possible causes could be rheumatoid arthritis (different thing from general arthritis) or tendonitis? I’m no medic - just thinking what friends have developed.

Ok thanks. But I’m only 56! I always thought arthritis was for older people?!?!

Or am I wrong?

U have to consult and doctor, then u will going to know whats the problem! that’s what i’ve done myself when i had pains. surprisingly they told me i need hgh… so i started searching for hgh reviewer sites and suchs. the moral is taht you never know what might be the problem and for that you need a doctor consult.

Sadly, neither arthritis nor rheumatoid arthritis are respecters of age though, more common the older one gets. You’ll need to consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis so you use the right treatment…

I get the same type of pain when I knit for too long, but in more joints(especially my thumbs). My doctor said it’s osteo arthritis. I have a prescription gel called Voltaren for my badly arthritic knee, so I use a little of it on my hands when I need to. You might have some luck with OTC creams like Aspercream, Icy Hot, or any of the ones with lidocain or capsaicin.

It sounds like a repetitive stress injury to your synovium at the base of that finger or it might be tendonitis. I have had both. Rest is the only cure, I’m afraid. That is why I only knit continental when I knit fair isle and use both hands. Mine got so bad I had to have surgery to open the synovium in my palm. Don’t let it get that bad.