Help me! What stitch is this?

Not sure if this is the right thread, but worth a shot!

Hat: Prana Pammy Beanie

I love this hat (I will try to link below) and am wondering if anyone knows what stitch is used for the body of the hat? And what kind of stitch is used to make the bobbles look like that?

I’d appreciate any insight! Thanks! :slight_smile:

It looks like knit rib and then switch to crochet to me. Not at all sure about the texture stitches.

Good looking hat. No wonder you’re intrigued.
The main hat does look like either crochet or a relative of star stitch:

and the bobbles look like a version of this lovely stitch:
The site is in Russian but the photos make the stitch clear.

the name of this stitch is bodoque o mota in spanish you can find more here

Great link. Thanks. I guess, from the OP’s link, it is crochet but I don’t do Pinterest and it won’t really let me take a good look. :sad: I think I need to try the star stitch/bobble-like combo.