HELP ME! What does "work appropriate row" mean?

I’m working on Bernat Cable Car Coat in Ready Set Snow. The back and the bottom edging are all ribbing which is fine. Now I’m doing the left front and according to the instructions there is no cabling being done!! I must be reading it wrong because part of the instr. is “work appropriate row Cable Panel A” which I take to mean…purl your purls and knit your knits, until the end of said row. But then it says to cont. even in pat until work from beg measures 9.5 inches…ya but where are the cables in this Cable Car Coat. I don’t know but please if someone out there can help I will be forever in your debt…I need this coat to be finished by the end of August …wedding present for my Sister!!!:):):):slight_smile:

The cables will be in Cable pattern A. Follow the written or charted pattern, you dont make the cables on every row, just every 6th or 8th row, however it’s written. The rest of the rows will be purl the purls and knit the knits.

Cable panel A forms the edging on the fronts of the coat and it starts at row one. They tell you the placement which is after so many repeats of the k2p2 ribbing, begin Cable panel A. Then you’re to continue for 9.5 inches with the ribbing and the succeeding rows of the panel A. You have either the chart or the written instructions to follow but you keep following the panel A instructions. It’s more of a traveling cable over the 24 rows. This isn’t a case of knit the knits so much as of following each row of the cable panel instructions.
Wow, ome spectacular present for your sister!

Ok, but why doesn’t it indicate which row from “Cable Panel A” (B,C) I should be working? How am I supposed to know which one to work from…“work appropriate row.”? I’m sure I’m missing something here???

By work appropriate row it just means row 1 of panel on row 1 of the ribbing, row 2 of cable on row 2 of edging etc. They don’t know exactly which row of the cable panel you’ll be on when you’ve finished the number of inches the pattern is giving for the ribbing. (I said 9.5 above but I think it’s only 3.5 inches of ribbing.)

Well, after the ribbing, you’d start with Row 1, right? Work row 1 of panel A, panel B and panel C if they’re to be worked across the whole piece. I take it each panel has a different number of rows, so when you finish the one with the least number of rows, start over again with row 1, even if you’re on row 15 or something of the other panels. That would be the ‘appropriate row’.

Here’s a ravelry link to it, can’t remember if this was a free booklet on Bernat or not; but the Bernat site seems to be down now.

Sue, panel A starts at row 1 of the front, at the beginning of the ribbing so it’s embeddd in the ribbing. Then when the ribbing is finished, panel A continues and the other panel start.

Holy Smokes…I think it’s starting to sink in now :slight_smile: Wow, it’s like those 3D pictures! Ok, I’m going to work on it right now…whew, I thought my day was shot. Awesome, I can’t thank you both enough:):):):):):slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, though it keeps timing out for me.

So it’s even easier than I thought just guessing at how the cable panels are laid out. So karmadawn, don’t get hung up on the ‘appropriate row’ wording, I think it just means to work whatever row in the pattern you would be on. Could be based on when it says ’ work for x inches, then do y’ you just continue on with the pattern. It may be like using the phrase “work in pattern as set”, just work in the cable pattern wherever you’re at.