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[COLOR=“Red”]This is where I get confused, pretty much from word 1. I get K 27. What does ‘Cable Pattern 9’ mean? And why do I need to join a new ball of yarn. I’m totally lost. [/COLOR]

Shape Neck
K 17[19, 23, 27], Cable Patt 9. Join a new ball of yarn and complete row with second ball. Cont. in pattern, making sure to keep your 2 sides separated by knitting the Left Front with the first ball of yarn and the Right Front with the second.
Work even in patt. until 21 (21,22,23) inches from beg, ending with RS facing.
Next row: K 12[14, 16,18], BO 14[14, 16, 18]. Break yarn. With 2nd ball of yarn, BO 14[14, 16, 18], K 12[14, 16, 18].
Leave rem sts on the needle.

does this mean, K27, then do the cable pattern that is row 9? But I don’t get the start a new yarn business…

From what i understand - in this part you’re dividing the upper part of the vest into 2 separate parts. The pattern wants you to knit these parts simultaneously. So, you knit 27 (left side), then cable patt row 9 (the middle, the base of the neck) and then continue to the right part of the neck with a new ball of yarn. That way,when you knit the WS, you knit the right side with it’s ball and then the left side with the 1st ball. That way you have separate pieces done in the same time. I hope i’m clear :??

I think I picked up the wrong yarn but I’m not sure. I’m just going to keep going I guess. I cannot undo several rows of cable stitches (my mind doesn’t wrap around undoing cables) and I’m ready to be done with this pattern whether it has errors or not.

It can be confusing switching yarns when they’re identical! :frowning:

I would say [COLOR=#ff0000]‘Cable Pattern 9’ [/COLOR] means to cable 9 stitches. not row 9.
this would take you to the middle of the two centre cables where you divide the front in half.

But it’s a 6 stitch cable…??

I am thinking that it’s a braided cable (I couldn’t get the link to work). On braided cables you are crossing 3 n 3 (6 st cable) and then on the next cross you are crossing 3 n the other 3 (6 st cable) from your 9 sts. Just like a braid.

Corrected link.

Sorry, I’m not so good at the explaining, i’ll try again. :pray:
This is first row of the cable pattern.
[I]Rows 1, 3, 7: P2, K6, P2, K6, P2.[/I]
‘Cable pattern 9’ would be the first 9 sts of that,
Which is, [COLOR=royalblue][COLOR=red][I]p2, k6, p1,[/I][/COLOR] [/COLOR]
which takes you to the centre front.

DUH!!!:zombie: Now I get it. You work only 9 stitches of the cable pattern (it’s an 18 stitch pattern so you would only be working half the cable pattern anyway) then you join in a new ball of yarn and continue the rest of THAT row. Then you work each side seperately with a cable running up each side of the neck opening. It’s sorta like working two sox at the same time on two cirx or ml. You will be making the neck sides at the same time just make sure you are using the correct ball of yarn for each side.

Being a newbie, I didn’t know that I would actually be dividing the cable between the two balls of yarn. Now I do!


Looking at the picture, it shows the 2 cables around the neckline. Many patterns have you divide your knitting and work the shoulders either separately, or with 2 yarn strands.