Help me understand this im lost after


Hi please can anyone explain what i have to do on this bit of my pattern from start to finish, thank you everyone xx

Cast off two sts at neck edge on next alt row, work to last 11 (12, 13, 15) sts, w&t. 23 (26, 29, 31) sts


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Work one row and on the next row cast off 2sts (this should be the neck edge). Work in pattern (either knits or purls) to the last 11sts for the smallest size or whatever number applies to your size, then wrap & turn.
Here’s a video for w&t in case you need it.

What is the name of your pattern?


Thank you for your help im a bit confused as to what to do once ive w and t the stitch do i w and t all the stitches on that last 15 thats the no of stitches i have to work to this is the jumper


No, don’t wrap & turn all the sts at the end of the row. Wrap only the next stitch and then turn to work on the return row. So if the pattern is in stockinette and you knit over to the last 15sts. wrap the next stitch and then turn to the purl side and purl back along that row following the next direction.


Aww thank you I know i must come across as da but ive knitted a few bits before for my grandson but never come across this lol xx


W&T can be a stumper the first couple of times but it really does help with shaping. Don’t hesitate to ask any knitting or crochet questions here.

Congrats on the grandson! That’s a perfect reason to knit.


Yes its a bit confusing, as the next row is as follows
Cast off two sts at neck edge on next alt row, work to last 11 (12, 13, 15) sts, w&t. 10 (12, 14, 14) sts
I think i dont get how the first row you still end with 31 sts by only w and t one stich as i have 46 to start with lol


Are you knitting a cardigan? Cast off 2 stitches and continue across the row following your pattern. There is no Wrap and Turn, which is used for short rows. Turn your work and continue with pattern for that row (If this is stockinette, your next row would be purl). A link to the pattern and a name would help us to help you.


No im knitting a silky jumper


You have 46 sts before you begin these 2 rows? Is that correct or is it 48sts?

Row 1 Cast off two sts at neck edge on next alt row, work to last 11 (12, 13, 15) sts, w&t. 23 (26, 29, 31) sts

These are short rows. You’ll be leaving sts unworked at the end of the rows until later in the pattern
For row 1, the directions no longer count the 15sts which will remain unworked at the end of the left needle before you turn. The only sts that count are the 31sts on the right needle before the turn.

Row 2 Cast off two sts at neck edge on next alt row, work to last 11 (12, 13, 15) sts, w&t. 10 (12, 14, 14) sts

Again the stitch number doesn’t count the now 30sts (15 from row 1 and 15 from row 2) which are unworked at the end of the left needle before the turn.


Ok thank you everyone for all your help ill give it a good and ill let you know lol xxx


Well ive done the w and turn row 1 and row two please please please can someone help me with understanding this last part im very mixed up as to what im doing next , ive added a pic of my knitting as ive done it and a portion of the pattern its neck shaping xxxxx



Your yarn should be coming off the tip of the needle ready to purl the next row. After that purl row turn so the RS is facing and slip the center 36sts (is that right for your size?) to a holder cutting the yarn end but leaving about a 6" tail to weave in later.
Reattach the yarn end and RS still facing, knit to the end.
Purl the next row.


Thank you, yes mine is the 36 stitch i appreciate everything thats offered to me where help concerned i haven’t made anything like this before and did think it would be straight forward xx


Hi me again , when you say purl next row do you mean i purl across the whole row picking up my wrapped stitches as i go before slipping my 36 stitches from the middle of the next row which would be a knit one
Regards Jean


It looks like the two sets of w&t have been completed. You purl back on 14sts and then turn to the RS. That’s when you slip the 36sts to a holder, reattach yarn and knit across to the end picking up the wraps.
Which row have you just completed?


Im on the purl side after just finishing both row 1 and 2 of the w and t , and thank you yes i do have 14 stitches facing me for this row.
Thank you again so much xxx ps at the ebd after putting 36 stitches on a holder i seem to only be left with 9 stitches and im starting at the neck edge ?


I’ve edited my last post which was wrong. Sorry for the confusion.

The entire left shoulder sts (44sts: 14 plus the 2 sets of 15 from the short rows) go on a holder. The directions want you to slip the center sts which have been on hold to a holder and now work on the 54 left shoulder sts.