Help me too! Robin Hood Hat

I posted this under pattern central also. Like Valorie, I’m not getting very far without problems. I can’t get past row 5. I’m supposed to have 30 sts and tried 3 times getting 29 everytime!! Is it something I’m doing wrong? Anyone else having trouble? Help me please!! The weird part is when I figured it out on paper it added up to 29 also!!!

One post is enough. :wink:

Do you have a link to the pattern? If not you can post a few lines of the pattern (not the whole thing) and we can see if there’s an error or if it’s something you’re doing. We can’t tell otherwise.

I don’t see any corrections noted for the crown pattern so it may be that you’re inadvertantly skipping one of the increases (especially if the math for the increases works out on paper). See if you can spot the missing increase and correct it or else, add in an extra increase to get yourself to 30. I don’t think it will be so noticable on the crown and who’s going to count anyway? Here’s a link to the Rav page with pictures.

Thank you for responding!! It popped in my head in bed that I needed to do one more m1 at the end of the row. I completed the physical stitches but then had the increase to finish at the end which I totally ignored!! (-:

Thank you so much! I kept rolling it over in my head in bed and it went through the gray matter that I didn’t do the last m1. Ran out of stitches on the last needle and totally ignored the fact that I still needed to do the m1 to complete the row!!! (-: Making progress today on it, how are you doing?