Help me to understand this pattern!

I’m working on the Debbie Bliss Baby Shorts from Essential Baby and can’t wrap my head around the back shaping.

After completing the rib it says "Next 2 rows k6, turn, slp 1, p to end and this pattern continues increasing the amount of knit stitches at the beginning of each row.

If I k6 and then turn and purl to the end, would I not just be purling the same six stitches? and then on the next row be doing the exact same thing? I tried working this as written but i’m only doing short rows on one side and I know it’s not right. I’ve looked for errata but haven’t seen any…what am I missing?! I’ve done short rows before but this is really throwing me off.

Thank you!

Welcome to KH!
Is this pattern divided into halves so that you seam two pieces together at the finishing? Check with the rest of the pattern and with the end directions for finishing to see. If so, that would make sense of the one-sided short rows.