Help me to understand a pattern.

I’m having trouble understanding this part of the pattern. I haven’t knitted in a long while.

Increase 2 at end of 7th row. Then alternate rows (for the larger sizes).
That’s what I’ve done but my work seems short.

Welcome to KH!
Is the problem toward the bottom of the first column? "…inc 1 st at each end of 7rh and foll 4th rows…"
Are you increasing every 4th row or or every alternate row (i.e. every other row)? It should be every 4th row and remember to increase at each end.

Oh thank you. My understanding pattern skills are non existent.

Just working the pattern and asking questions is improving those skills. Good for you for plunging in and enjoy the knitting!

Apart from the confusion, I find it so therapeutic:-)