Help me to read this pattern....I'm new to knitting

Ok. I cast on 199 sts and knitted the first 17 rows
The next directive reads
Next row: (Inc row) k 10, PM, k5 *inc one St in next st, k1; rep from * to last 16 sts, k6, PM, k 10 - 283sts.

I get the knit 10 and place marker and knit 5. Then I am lost. In my head I’m Increasing every knit stitch going forward. But that makes more than 283 sts. What am I missing or misinterpreting? Thanks in advance

You won’t be increasing every stitch. The increase is every other stitch. There are two sts within the asterisks.
Increase in the next stitch (that takes one stitch) then knit the second stitch. You can do a knit front and back (kfb) or a knit right loop (krl).
That’ll increase 84sts and give you the correct total.

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Thank you. Sounds so easy now.