Help me to make a shawl collar

After following the step of below picture, I ended at the last stictch of the collar. I could not figure out how the right and left front are continued to knit to make to button band.
The picture is showed one row of the band and finish with the collar.

Please help me, thankyou.:woot:

scratch that, you were just uploading the picture… ok thanks. :wink:

is there a link to the pattern you’re using? if not, what do the directions say for just that one part, verbatim (don’t include the rest of the pattern, so there’s no copyright issue).

thanks :wink:

I don’t make this sweater but I’m doing the front band and collar similar. This is my 1st sweater doing the separate band

After working the last short row turn you’ll work back across the collar and pick up the last short row-turn stitch going in that direction. Continue down the front band. Turn. Work back up the band and across the collar. There will be one last short row-turn stitch to pick up - I like to use a marker just before it to remind me that it’s there. After picking that stitch up continue down the other front band. You’ll work all stitches all the way around until your front bands are finished. That’s how I do it, there may be another way that somebody else can recommend. HTH

I love this tutorial. If you continue with it you’ll see that after the short rows, you knit down to the bottom edge of the sweater and then continue knitting the entire band from one lower edge to the other. This will form the button and buttonhole bands and add onto the shawl collar.