Help me think....dumb question

Okay…so I am concerned about running out of yarn for a lacy scarf (chunky yarn, pattern with yarnovers. :))

Do I want to go up a needle size to make my yarn go further? Going down a size would use more yarn for the same number of stitches, right?

Or am I backwards? Perhaps coffee before math?!

Right if you use a larger needle [I]and less stitches[/I] you’ll get more length out of the yarn. If you use the same number of sts, it’ll be shorter but a lot wider. When you use smaller needles and the same stitches it’ll be narrower and shorter. If you have chunky yarn, I’d say go up to size 15s.

Is it the same pattern from end to end? Or does it have lacy ends and a different pattern between the ends?

If it has lacy ends with a different pattern, why not make one end piece, put it on a stitch holder; then make the other end piece and build the center up from the second end piece? That way, you’ll get the most out of the yarn and not have to worry about messing up the pattern.