Help Me Spend My Birthday $$

Yes, I’m a princess for the day…birthdays do that for you, ya know…

I opened the mail to find a nice $25 gift certificate to

What should I get? I’m definitely thinking yarn, but I have no idea. The only two I’ve heard of on the list they carry is the Cascade, Rowan, and Lorna’s.

I am tempted to get a skein of Lorna’s, but I’ve still got three skeins of sock yarn waiting to be knitted up.

Oh, and I’ve got another $100 (gifts from my mom and in-laws, plus some probably coming from my dh’s grandmother) that I can put towards any place.

Lots of $$, too many choices.

I still consider myself a yarn noobie, so I’m up for anything! I really need help…say “get this, and make this.”

Thanks, y’all! Happy shopping vicariously through me!


Before buying yarn, maybe find a pattern that you like. One of (there were many) my newbie mistakes was buying random skeins of yarn because they were:

  1. so pretty
  2. so soft
  3. on sale

Have fun shopping! And Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! :balloons:

what candice said. i have a few of these random skeins of yarn that can only be made into scarves, hats, mittens and soft as they are i dont really wanna. what i want is to make cute tops … so maybe I should think about a patch-work sweater or something :lol:
I say find a cute sweater/jacket/cardigan pattern you like and buy enough yarn to make it. Maybe it could be something special, not just another garment.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Buy some silk and make a silk top like the red one.
Buy some nice soft wool and make a coat/cardigan like the purple one.
Or you could buy gorgeous lace yarn and make a spectacular shawl :slight_smile:

Good luck with whatever you choose and have fun shopping!

What do you have in your stash? Have you made a sweater yet? How about a tank top or short sleeve top in the Alchemy Synchronicity yarn, which is on sale there?

:hug: :hug:

Happy Birthday!!!

My stash is not too big yet (although it has actually GROWN since joining the stash busters KAL).

I do have 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon #188 that I have no idea what to make with.

But really, the entire purpose of the question was to seek advice on what to BUY with my birthday moolah.

I’ve been knitting since last summer, so I’m still a bit inexperienced about picking out yarn and patterns.

I haven’t done sweaters, hat, or gloves. I have done a couple of scarves, socks, hand towels, dish cloths, and the Calorimetry. I’m also working on the Black Sheep booga bag (such an easy pattern and my first felting project).

I’m stuck spending $25 at one particular place (see first post) because that’s where my sister got my gift certificate from.

I always read about the wonderful yarn y’all buy, but I can’t just buy without having a clue as to what to make with it.

Instead of writing my long paper, I’ve been perusing the forums today to try to get ideas. I also opened up the Mason Dixon book but just didn’t see anything that really grabbed me.

I just don’t know what to get! :shrug:

I must have knitter’s block (kind of like writer’s block). My brain has been so taxed from a week of researching and writing endless papers that I just can’t think.

Anyhow, thanks for the ideas so far… :muah:

Auburn Chick
1st Happy B Day~! :muah:
2nd YOu could use the Kureyon ( if it’s wool) to felt with. I don’t know if it’s Big Kureyon or not but it would probably make a lovely felted bag
3) Since you are a newbie~ Have you bought a ingerchangeable needles set Yet~ b/c if you are gonna be doing this for a while… it’s the biggest (IMHO) bang for the buck$. If you don’t check out the Denises’ or the KPO
3) I think tank top patterns are a good idea. I am working on my 1st right now b/c I just can’t find the patience to knit a sweater
4) I went to the LYS about a month ago and tried Misti-cotton. It’s an pima-silk cotton blend and IMHO IT FEELS DIVINE~ IT’S SUPER SOFT to the touch and should be cool since it’s gonna get hot REALLY SOON~


Is first, to get something that will make YOU HAPPY, a yarn you love, not one that is supposed to be so great because everyone else loves it. The second aprt of that is to buy something you really want but have never bought before because it was too expensive if you restrict yourself that way normally. This is your birthday money, you should indulge!

Happy Birthday!

Now this is probably going to sound blasphemous, but if I had a gift certificate from Purl Soho, I’d be ordering Amy Butler fabric/patterns :shifty: I’ve been dying to get ahold of some of that!

That’s regular sewing, right? I’m askeerd of my sewing machine. :teehee:

I kinda am too, but I drool every time I see her fabrics! So gorgeous!

Happy belated Natal Anniversary!

Happy Belated Birthday>

I’m a March baby too (the 22nd) and for my bd all I got was the flu (my boys too me out for supper when I felt better)