Help Me Spend Money

I’ve been hanging on to this $100 gift card for Knitch ( for a long while now. I was super lucky and won it months ago.
Please know that I have a lot of yarn, nice yarn…lots. I’ve got yarn for my next several projects. Let’s not even discuss how much sock yarn I have. Everything is covered.
I do have yarns & things I want, but Knitch doesn’t have it.
I had my eye on some spinning fiber & some lace yarn I’ll need eventually, but I was wondering what would you get with this gift card?
Nothing is jumping out and screaming “buy me”! It’s very disturbing. Would you get yarn, tools, accessories, spin fiber? What?

What about some nice luxury needles? :slight_smile:

How about knitting reference books or pattern books. Do you have a ball winder? I would think that would also come in handy when you get into spinning.

Books and a ballwinder are good suggestions from Plantgoddess, but if you don’t see anything that jumps out at you, why don’t you save it? Is there an expiry date on it? If not, I would just keep it and keep browsing their site until you see something you can’t live without. Otherwise you will regret it- and no one should regret a yarn store purchase.