Help me pleeeaaasee!

I am TERRIFIED of knitting on circulars or dpn’s, but there and soooo many projects I want to do. I was thinking this for my first circular project, but I don’t understand the magic loop

To be honest… it takes me a LOOONG time to learn something unless I have a video. I get frustrated easily and and and… ahhhh! Can someone explain the magic loop pleeeaaase? Explain it like I’m… a week old baby. Yeah. That should work.

And I was thinking of this as my first dpn project.

So what do you think? Are those good choices?? Heeeelp. I have a gift certificate and everything to go buy the stuff, but I need help so I don’t buy the wrong stuff and ahhhh. breathes

My roommate made that bear and said the proportions according to the pattern are terrible. She started a second one making adjustments and it’s looking much better. I don’t know if it was really the pattern or just her.
But don’t be afraid of double pointeds! I :heart: :heart: :heart: them! They’re not that scary. I promise!

Magic loop on the other hand…That’s scary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Amy has a video on Magic Loop. Third video from top.


I was worried to when I first started on DPNs and circulars but when you just go for it and try them you will be like umm ok why did I wait? :?? LOL My first project was a fabric purse for my mom I started on DPNs and then changed to circulars… Now the Magic Loop I’ve never tried cause I like using dPNS they are even fun now :thumbsup:

Thaaaaanks CateKnits. :rollseyes: Hehe.

And thanks everyone! I shall go buy some dpn’s this week! :slight_smile:

I find circs EASIER to work with than straights!!

yup i get irritated that i can’t make things like my square rug in the round cuz i would much rather knit in the round than anything else. you are so talented there is no reason why shouldn’t just jump in there and have fun!

I had worked on DPNs UNsuccessfully before, but I was dying to make this little bear. I tried him at first with the WW yarn and the US 3’s and it just wasn’t working for me and my fat hands. However, when I changed to a US 7 and a slight chunky weight (Lion Chunky USA) it was magic. This is my first DPN project WITHOUT ladders. YAY! I have finished the body and head, so have the ears, legs and arms to go. It does go quickly though.

As for it being your first DPN project, keep in mind there is quite a bit of increasing and decreasing, and switching from 4 needles to 3, back to 4. The pattern called for a M1 increase and I could NOT do that with the tightness of the fabric, and the decreases on the DPNs were quite challenging for me, personally. As it is my first successful (almost finished anyway!) DPN project, obviously, it’s possible, but I don’t know that I would’ve started out with it had I not had the unsuccessful prior attempts to at least familiarize myself with working the DPNs. It is cool that it goes quickly, though. Knitty has an article on the DPNs here if you haven’t seen that already.

Hope this helps! Good luck with it! :smiley:

Let me say, I love magic loop. It is hard to get your mind around until you actually try it, but really it is not hard!!! Amy’s video explains it great, and I really NEVER use dpns now. I’m a magic loop convert and I’m not goin’ back!! I’ve also tried using 2 circs to do short diameter circular knitting and I still went back to magic loop.

I’ll throw my hat in here…

I LOVE CIRCS… I’ve been having major withdrawl after I lost my denise set (they are in that darned house somewhere)

And they are really fun to knit with…

Now Magic Loop, there’s nothing scary about it, easy to understand… I use it on almost ALL My small circular projects… becuuse DPN’s, now them is scary.

Anyway… This is how to think if Magic Loop… You have a small Diameter to knit in… well the cord is longer than that… so that won’t work… so basically you throw on your longes cord (you do have interchangeables right :lol: ) and then cast on your stiches, slide them down to the middle of the chord, find the center (move half slightly left, the other half slightly right) and pull that cord through that small opening… then move your left half back up to knit… knit them… push the ones hanging on the chord to the left needle, slip the ones you jsut knitted down… and rinse and repeat…

I find this method REALLY easy and the way I learned and refreshed my memory was with Amy’s videos… she explains it well. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I ramble on too much