Help me please

Hello, I’m having trouble understanding what I’m suppose to do next. I’m starting to knit a sweater. I’ve done the back, and the front up to the neck. The instructions for shape neck says to knit from right side then “drop yarn, slip nect 19 sts to a st holder for front of neck, join another ball of yarn, then knit remainder sts.”

I have done the knitting up to slipping the stiches to a stich holder. I left the right neddle on and sl stiches I need to know where to connect the other ball of yarn. Also am I going to need another needle to finish the front?What do I do after “drop yarn”?

You can put the 19 sts on a stitch holder, scrap yarn or another needle. To ‘join’ another yarn end, just start knitting with it, leaving a tail to weave in later. You knit the shoulders on just the 2 needles - your row is split by the sts on the holder and you’ll work on those at the end when you do the neckband. Just take it one step at a time and you’ll do fine.