Help me please!

I have just finished knitting my first sweater and now it is time to sew it all together and I don’t know what I’m doing. I managed to sew the right shoulder together and now I’m supposed to be picking up and knitting A V-neck band. The pattern I am using says to pick up 58 sts, down the left side of the v, and each time I do this I seem to have a large area empty (aprox 5 sts) at the bottom of the V. I’m a little afraid to keep going without knowing what I’m doing. could someone please help me?

What do the instructions say to do after you pick up the sts down the left side? Do you pick up at the V and then up the right side too? It’s okay to read ahead in the pattern and see what you do as the next step, which can help you figure out this step.

It says to place a stitch marker and pick up 58 sts up the right side. K34 from back st holder.

You might have your 58 stitches bunched up too much - you may need to spread them out a bit more.

What I’d do, is divide the side of the neck edge into quarters - just stick a safety pin in at the halfway point, then in the center of each side of that point. Since 58 stitches doesn’t divide by 4 into an even number (14.5) you’re going to have to fudge that half stitch - maybe pick up 14 in the first 1/4 section, then 15 in the next, then 14, then 15.

The other possibility, is to just use that number 58 as a ‘suggestion.’ ie, maybe you really do need another 5-6 picked up stitches to make your neck band lay flat. THen you should pick up 64 on the first side, but make sure you pick up 64 on the other side of the “V”, too.

Ultimately, you want your neck band to lay flat. If 58 is the magic number that gets you there, use 58. If you need a few more, then that is your magic number for each side. You may decide to add a few, but after knitting the neck binding for 3/4" or more, you may realize its not laying flat - then rip it out and start over picking up fewer stitches, using the first method spreading them out a bit more so you only have the 58 on each side of the “V”. It could even be you will need fewer.