Help Me Please - p2, inc in next st?

[B]:aww: [/B]I am working on the collar of a baby sweater. The pattern states
p1, (k1tbl, p2) 6 times, k1tbl, (p2, inc in next st) 9 times, p2, (k1tbl, p2) 6 times, k1tbl, p1. This is going to end up with as a p1tbl k2 for one row. And then k1tbl p2 ribbing for next row. So my question is what stitch do I use for the increase. I’m thinking it has to be a kfb in order to create a knit stitch rather than a pfb. Is that correct? The pattern does not designate. Thanks so much for any help!!!

Increase [I]in[/I] a stitch would be a kfb or pfb and using the kfb would be fine.

Thanks so much!!!