Help me please! Looking for someone who has done this pattern?

I am looking for someone who has purchased a pattern from Mary Maxim and has tried to work it. It is called Hearts Afghan.
I am frustrated they said it has been edited but is now correct.:???: :?? :wall:

I’m not sure I understand the problem. They edited it and it’s now correct. Can you clarify the problem for us? Are you having trouble with the pattern?

It’s a pretty afghan!

This is the pattern I am talking about. It is troubling me when it changes to begin the heart pattern. Can anybody help please? Just click on the thmbnails and it will enlarge.

But what specifically are you having a problem with? There’s a lot of decreases and increases to keep track of - are you not ending up with the right number of sts at the end of a row?

That is the start of your pattern, to make the hearts…it’s really simple. You will be doing k2 and p 188, then k2 on your even rows… 2 4 6 8 etc…I hope this is what you are talking about and helps…

my problem is that if you look on the web site that was posted the holes in the lines do not weave back and forth at that point. I end up with two holes on top of one another. that is my problem.

Try out the pattern for practice on just 20 sts, k4, *k2tog, yo, k6, repeat. purl back, then k4, *yo, ssk, k6 repeat. Do it for several rows. You’re only shifting the yo by one st and it may not be obvious for several rows.