Help me pick some colors? Please?

Okay, here’s the thing. I want to make thissweater and I’d just do it in the colors they list except some of them are out of stock. My confession: I’m colorblind. Over the years, I’ve learned to guess certain colors and even have some I like, but I’m no good with colors in general. Color groups I like include pinks with browns, blues with greens, blues with soft yellows, varied greens, varied blues, etc. What I need is for someone to use that information and tell me how many balls of which colors I should order based on the requirements in the pattern. Help?

Okay, this is simply my opinion regarding colors…

1- 1440 Sherwood Forest
1- 2308 Cedar
1- 2117 Celadon
5- 2174 Summer Sky
2- 3075 Antique Blue
2- 1321 Tapestry Blue
3- 2762 Ink

This would be the more muted tones of blue and green-not the blaringly bright ones. Colors graduate from the outtermost ring of darkest blue on down to lighter blue then light green back up to a darker green for the center ring.
Another option, if you prefer to stay in the blues is to do those same colors but delete the 3 green colors and add 1 ball each of Antique Blue, Tapestry Blue and Ink. This would graduate the colors from dark to light then back to dark.

Just my opinion, but I think graduated colors are asthetically pleasing.

Oh, I should have specified: it’s for me. I’m doing the adult version.

There you go… :slight_smile: I think this is an adorable pattern. You’ll have to show me how it turns out!!!

That is on My to do list. I love the pattern. Let us know how it turn out when you get working on it.

Thanks for the help. I’m totally clueless when it comes to stuff like this. That’s why I like Noro and most sock yarn: they pick the colors for me! :slight_smile:

That is an awesome pattern~! I love how it just fades in and out b/w colors~

That is so funny that you’re knitting that sweater. A friend of mine who I have seen since May just told me about it, because she’s knitting it herself! Must be a hot online pattern.

Any other suggestions on color are welcome. I haven’t ordered yet. I want to make absolutely certain I get the right ones. This will be my first jacket/sweater-type thing. I’m excited!

My choices for a pink/purple one are
Seashell Pink
Rose Pink
Orchid Pink
Lotus Blossom