Help me pick out some yarn!

I’m going to make this scarf, and I need suggestions of yarn to use. I was thinking KP Andean Silk in sangria or lettuce. Or WOTA in mulled wine, spruce, or grass. Oooorrr swish superwash in bordeaux, deep ocean, or dublin. I’ve never used any of these yarns, so I’m wondering how any of you who have used them like them. Is one softer than the others? What would you want a scarf made from? Or do you have any suggestions of other worsted weight yarns to use (it doesn’t have to be KP, I was just looking there)? Thanks all!!

I pick alpaca!

i vote for andean :cheering: and lettuce ! what a pretty scarf you will have!

I think that part of the question is how sensitive your skin is. I have used WOTA and it is way too scratchy against my skin. I made a sweater with Andean Silk and it was soft and pleasant to knit with, but a tad scratchy. With a shirt underneath it’s not a problem.

I have not used Swish, but am a fan of merino wool in general.


I second that!

I made a sweater out of Andean Silk and love it. I’m making a sweater out of Swish and love it so far. I haven’t used WOTA, but I’ve heard it’s itchy.
Andean Silk is reeeeally nice to knit with!

Well it looks like I’m going with the Andean silk. The scarf is for my ISE4 pal, so I hope she likes it. Now I have to decide the color. My pal likes purple, green, blue…so I was thinking Sangria or lettuce (which seems to be a popular choice), but now I’m looking at pool too. What do you all like best?

as someone who gravitates towards purple and blue my vote goes for the sangria, though since i’ve been knitting, i’m seeing a more green in my choices lately.