Help me pick out colors!

I just joined a health club! I am very excited about it! FREE BABYSITTING while I work out!!!

I thought now I can celebrate my new healthy lifestyle by knitting myself something! Anyways I thought I would make the felted yoga mat bag in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. But they use Manos del Uruguay. I can’t see paying 14.50 per skein on an item for myself (especially when I needed 6 skeins! Anyways I am going to try to use Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. I thought I would use three complimentary colors. (This is the part I always hate!!!) Help me pick the colors to choose.

New WOTA colors are coming out next week…you will have more of a selection then :wink:

I would definitely wait!

yes, i would wait before ordering, BUT until then, i recommend getting these things:
1). a color wheel… i JUST bought the pick point and match rainbow color selector… it is AWESOME. Pick a color (there’s 11 colores with 7 values each–you use a little viewfinder window to match), and it shows you the complementry color, plus 3, 4, and 5 combinations. I used to just have aregular wheel in my knitting bag, but I’m going to use this one from now on.

2.) the book Color Magic for Quilters… yes, yes, quilting, BUT color theory is the same no matter what you do. This book will show you LOTS of different color combinations, some are the same as the rainbow color selector, and a lot are different.

The new knitpicks colors are out now. Have you had a chance to look at them??? Felted yoga bag sounds cool. Is it knit in the round?

Yep. it is knit in the round and looks super simple to knit up. I did look at the new knitpick colors. It is so hard for me to pick on the computer. I am the type of person who actually needs to lay the colors right next to each other or I can’t picture what I am going to get. Also I don’t trust the computer screen. I don’t worry about it if I am making an item of one color but when I am usuing multiple colors I hate choosing on the internet. I did order one of those new color swatch booklets for each yarn I like. That should help a lot in picking colors.

i ordered a whole bunch of the color cards this weekend…lol. i am the same way…i wanna know what it is going to look like in real life before i buy it and after this weekend i think i have learned that i need to take yarn out into the natural lighting before i buy it. the gray yarn i bought i would have made into a hat for one of the guys in my family if i had just bought it in the store without seeing it outside first (it was part of the sidewalk sale!) in natural light is is absolutely lavender…inside it is silver/gray…Not sure too many of my farmer boy family members would be keen on wearing a lavender hat! :wink:

I usually just jump right in and go for it. I find the colors to be pretty accurate, at least for my monitor. I’ll be interested to see what you guys think when you get the sample card.

You are braver than I. I guess the worse that could happen is I add it to my stash and buy more.

Pretty much! :slight_smile: unless I totally hated the color