Help me pick a new career!

I thought maybe if I started this thread maybe some of you smart knitters here would come up with some ideas for me!
The short story: have 2 grown kids and 4 grandchildren, I’m about to hit the big 5-0h. I went to nursing school, almost graduated about 12 years ago, but had to have 5 back surgeries and now have to find a different career. I am taking a 3 credit computer class for Microsoft office right now, because I see that every job in the paper or on a website requires computer experience. Right now I work for Weight Watchers part time (lost 77 lbs 3 years ago), and would love to work for them full time, but need more money. I took care of my grandchildren on and off when my son in law was in Iraq (3x’s), I would go to CA and help my daughter because she was working as an RN, but they are now stationed in Japan, so I’m free as a bird to start something new.
I really do need to get a new career to make money for the next 15 years till retirement (if I’m lucky enough to retire:teehee: ). We don’t have lots of money and hubby will try to retire in 8 years so I will need to work.
Do any of you have any ideas of the type of career I could/should look into? I would love to hear them!
Oh, I like to knit:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: and bead and do crafty things, but that won’t earn me a paycheck…I like to work with people/more than working alone…hmm feel free to ask me questions!

Have you thought about being a sub in the school system…or even a paraprofessional? In the county where I live, all you have to do is pass a proficiency exam, and then you’re qualified to have these types of jobs. Some school districts offer partial or even full benefits, depending on the number of hours you work per week. Subbing would be flexible enough that if you did not feel like working one day, you wouldn’t have to.

The nice thing about this is that it could work its way into an office job at the school. I always love the ladies who work in the front office. They are real sweet.

Good luck to you on your job hunt!

Hi Nathalie,
Thank you! I had thought about teaching, but I don’t think it is me. Also where I live you have to have a bachlor’s degree to sub and I’m about the equivalent of a junior, so I have a way to go. That’s part of the problem…I would like to finish my degree, but I don’t know what in. I did have an advisor at the college before, but she wasn’t much help. I would like to get another one, but it is a small college and I feel like I might hurt her feelings…
Thanks again, I appreciate it!!

Working in a school would be great - too bad you need a BA. Most states just require an AA for a substitute.

IMHO - Go for a new advisor! Get someone that’s really willing to help YOU. Some classes you might want to take…business and/or accounting would make a great start. You could check into an office position at your local hospital, clinic or doctors office. Or what about the health department? You could dole out those wonderful :frowning: shots that kids “love” so much.

I quit my office job of 5 years last June and went back to waitressing in Sept. For me it works out great with hours and I have cash daily. It’s not for everyone, although for me I have fun and I get to talk to a lot of people.

Good luck on your quest.


Have you considered online courses? Most colleges have online degree programs these days. You could take a couple of classes to get your feet wet…see what you like.

I am finishing up my degree at Troy (taking my last two classes this term). I am majoring in Social Sciences with a minor in history, which is giving me a well-rounded education. I think Troy offers about 10 undergraduate degree programs. My adviser has been great through the whole process, but I have learned that I’ve got to stay on top of things.

Hi Mary,
Thank you, hmm working in a doctor’s office might be fun…I don’t think they make much more than minimum wage around here though
You are right about the advisor…I just need a new one.
I was a bartender for about ten years a long time ago and I loved doing that and it was wonderful money!

That is great! Good for you! What kind of job are you thinking of getting after you graduate?

My husband is the librarian at the college here and one of the perks of his job is reduced tuition for spouses…so I’m very lucky that way!

I’m planning on getting my teaching certification and teaching in middle or high school. I would love to teach history, but I’m going to take the exam that will allow me to teach Language Arts as well.

Unfortunately for me, I pay full tuition. I will actually be paying back student loans for a while. I’ll have to go back to our Jr College to finish up a few education courses since I’m not an education major, but I can complete those online, while working as a teacher, after I’ve passed the state exams, which will only give me a temporary certificate until I finish the last few Jr College courses.

My advice is not to worry about hurting her feelings! If she wasn’t helping, she won’t lose any sleep over you changing.

At many places, the registrar’s office will be able to do a degree audit, that tells you what you need to graduate. So if you have a “short list” of majors, they can tell you, here’s what you would have to finish an English major… here’s what it would take to finish an Business major…etc.

I would suggest you start out your job search at the college, or at any other colleges nearby that you think you might be able/willing to transfer to. Many colleges give free or greatly reduced tuition to employees.

I would suggest calling the County that you live in. Often times they have office jobs, legal secretary, etc. They don’t need BA’s, have job security, good health/retirement benefits, paid time off, and once you are in, it’s very easy to switch from department to department.

County jobs also generally pay a little bit…to a lot bit better than minimum wage.

Why not take a Myers-Briggs personality test? It should offer you career suggestions according to what your personality type is.

ETA: Also good just for fun :slight_smile:

Is there a LYS or Joann’s/Michaels/Hobby Lobby type store where you could work?

That is great! History has always been a favorite subject of mine…I know what you mean about tuition…I paid mine all through nursing school and now I’m really grateful that I get it reduced. Our son went to Boston College to get his MBA and is still paying on it!

Hildy…that is a great idea, I sorta looked at the site and I haven’t gotten to the part where it is going to tell me how much it costs, LOL!
I’m going to read more about it later…it actually is a great idea!

Hi Steve,
Thank you, I agree about the advisor…I just have to do it! Also, I didn’t know that they would/could look up classes and give me an idea of what I would need to get a specific degree…I’ll ask about that this week
Thank you!

Hi Spikey,
Thank you! There is a Micheals here, but they don’t pay very well and I’m looking for something more long term with great benefits, like 401’s! I would like to work there though, it’s fun helping people pick out what they need for projects…actually I have been know to do that when I’m there,lol!

You know…Starbucks is, from what I’ve heard, a great company to work for…good benefits and such…plenty of interaction with people too…

Jen, you could build off your nursing background too as a medical transcriptionist too. I don’t know if it’s in an office or not though…but you’d have the lingo down to be able to do some of that pretty easily I’d think. I don’t know about wages and benefits though…Good luck! It’s wide open for you huh? I don’t know what I’d pick again–I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and enjoy it very much. Still paying for that though (oiy!)… :slight_smile:

But oh yes, Starbucks. Free coffee too! Maybe start a coffee shop/yarn store. That’s what I really need to do. :slight_smile: With toys and soup too…(for kids to stay busy and a little yummy warm snack…)

With your backround you might look into pharmasy(sp?) I wish I had gone that route many years ago. Good luck

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