help me oh please please.


First I want to say thank you to this forum. The help I have gotten has been invaluable, my Nan thought me how to knit but unfortunately has passed way so I am not self thought through here and YouTube

I am now trying to knit Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden he is 2 shades of blue next too each other and I have no idea how to do it. I tried YouTube but cant find anything. Here is the pattern. Any help is appreciated


The pattern didn’t post but could it be that the problem is the intarsia color change? See if this video helps:

oh no here is the pattern, that video is helpful but unsure how to start

Start with the cast on in Pbl, then for the next row, purl the first 6sts with that color and add in the blue color to purl the next 5 sts. Turn at the end of the row and follow the instructions for the blue then twist the yarns as in the video and change to Pbl to finish out the row.

oh great thank u, will try that when i get home :smile: