Help me make this pattern bigger!

I was making this pattern for a friend. I’m using Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. It looks like mohair but isn’t. I only have 4 balls, so I don’t need it huge, but bigger than the pattern at least. If I increase the size of the finished blanket, am I correct in assuming I would need to increase in multiples of 6?

Thanks in advance! I had already done 20 rows of this but the crazy thing looks like a doll blanket. :??

Yes, multiples of 6 for the increase should work. Just add them to the original 63 since you will need to account for the edge stitches, too - i.e., cast on 75, 87, 105, etc.

awesome! Thanks for the help~
If I did 87, do you think that would be a decent size for a baby blanket?

Don’t forget it has to be blocked when finished, too, so that will make it slightly larger.

It looks like for finished size, every 21 stitches is giving you about 6", so if you’ve added on 12 CO stitches, you’ll get about 3 more inches of finished product. That would be only 22" wide, but would work as a small travel sized blanket for car seats and such.

hmm,… good point. I may have to scratch some cash together and get more of this yarn XD

With that yarn, you might try using size 10.5 or even 11 needles. That would increase the size somewhat too. You can’t block acrylic, btw, but it may stretch out a little if you wash it and lay it flat to dry instead of machine dry. The finished size in the pattern is really small, you’d need to go up enough stitches to get about 30" across.

Oh, good point, Sue, I forgot about the acrylic factor! I think the blocking was for the curling edges in the original pattern (which I believe was acrylic, too, go figure!).

Heather - If you want to make the blanket ~ 30" as Sue suggests, you would need to cast on an additional 36 st. It should also be longer, too - the pattern is only 25" and should probably be closer to 40" or slightly more, especially with a width of 30". Since your yarn is similar in skein length, you’ll probably need a total of at least 6 skeins.

Thanks, I’ll only need 2 more skeins then. I got it at the local micheal’s but that’s 45 mins away. Maybe after payday I’ll order it online somewhere :slight_smile:

If there’s some left, I saw the designer had a matching baby hat!

I was thinking she could do a 30" square, or 30x36…

That would work, too, and only 50% bigger each way, so only 4 1/2 skeins total (and a half skein left for the matching hat!).