Help me make my mistake look on purpose

I knit my mother a sweater and when putting in the buttonholes (at 2:am so i could get it done) I put them in the 2nd row of 5 instead of the 3rd so it is off center. I need a clasp or something to close the sweater? on the order of a clip earring? what can I find to fix this problem?


What do you mean when you say you put them in the 2nd row of 5? 5 what?

i added a 5 row edge to the sweater… the buttonhole should have been in the 3rd row and i put it in the 2nd row…I was tired… so when you look at the front of the sweater the buttonhole is 1 row too close to the sweater not in the center liek it should be…I want to find something that will snap, on the order of a clip earring, in the place of the button…it would stay folded until needed and then open fit one end through the buttonhole and snap back into place?

What size button are you using? If it’s not a teeny-tiny button, I think it would still look all right the way it is. But of course, it’s your project; if you really don’t like it, just rip out a row.

Got it. :doh: Yes, I’d say rip out a row and make it a 4-row border.