Help me learn to knit in the round...Specific patterns needed, please!

I’ve been randomly searching free patterns and it seems that if I want to make anything really nice…like sweaters, dresses, socks, hats, etc…I need to learn to knit in the round.

The problem is that I currently only have a set of 4 size 8 DPN’s and a set of 29.5" (75cm) size 9 circulars.

I’ve been trying to search for patterns that specifically use only these needles, but it’s very hard to do so if you don’t know what exactly to enter into the search engine. :frowning:

Can anyone help?

Does anyone have a pattern…or know of some patterns that I can try?

I should mention that I also have DK, baby, worsted and chunky yarn on hand, if that helps.

I’m an advanced beginner knitter, but I learn quickly, so any patterns would be wonderful. :slight_smile:

Oh, and can you also point me to a good video that shows how to join the yarn when knitting in the round?

Thanks so much for the help!

Hats are pretty much the easiest thing to learn on because they are a small project. Generally I start on a 16 in circ, but you can also start on DPNs. DPNs are best used for the top of a hat or for an infant hat because you can’t get a lot of stitches on them. Needles sizes may not match exactly, but they are good to learn on as long as your yarn weight is within reason.

Here’s a few patterns for basic hats.

The circular needle you have could be used for Magic Loop otherwise it’s too large for a hat. There is a video at the links at the top of the page and here’s some more help.

Oh my gosh, I just tried knitting with DPN’s and ended up with a mess! :frowning:

I couldn’t tell which needle was which, which way was up or down, or where I left off or had to start again!

Is it possible DNP’s aren’t for me? Is Magic Loop any easier? It looks difficult from the videos but I guess I should try it first.

Is it possible to knit anything that cals for DPN’s in the round by using circular needles?

I’ll be happy if I never have to touch those again!

If you get yourself some circular needles you really don’t ever need to use DPNs although I think you’ll want to for some things. There really is a learning curve to them. The easiest way is to start with a 16-in circ when making a hat then switch to the DPNs when the hat is too small for them during the decreases. Because you already have the stitches established it is sooooo much easier to get a feel for them.

I prefer two circular needles over magic loop, but some prefer ml. Give it a try with your 29 in just to practice and see how you feel. It takes practice too though. I learned all of these because my seaming skills are not that great. :teehee:

That’s exactly why I need to learn to knit in the round! :wink: My seaming skills need a LOT of work.

I’m also finding that most sweaters are knit in the round…and there are a couple of gorgeous turtlenecks that I’d love to make for my mother.

I’ll practice both using 2 circs and the magic loop. Hopefully I’ll be comfortable with one of those!

I’m sure I’ll be back for help again soon.

Thanks, Jan!:muah:

I just wanted to come back and thank you, jan!

The Magic Loop is working out GREAT for me! I find it really comfortable and easy…and I already have a small practice “tube” going well. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help and the links!

You’re welcome. Good for you! I learned ML before I learned two circs and it was a lot easier than DPNs. :teehee: I prefer two circs now and it’s great that we have several choices!:thumbsup: