Help me identify my cast on!

My mom taught me to knit, and when people watch me cast on, they just stare. None of my fibery friends have been familiar with my method, which doesn’t start with a slip knot and produces a very inelastic edge (I have to go up at least one needle size for it to be the same gauge as my knitting, but I do tend to knit tightly, FWIW).

I’ve taken a really bad video of it – can anyone help me identify it? I’m curious as to its origins (and a little stunned that I was able to master it as a child!).

Thanks in advance!


Very neat, I haven’t seen it before :think:

That’s a variation of the German twisted CO I think - look at the video for that one and see if it’s the same as yours only using just one hand.

Looks like a knitted long tail cast on of some kind? Now wither that is a real cast on who cares. It works for you and it does look neat to do.


it is similar to the Maine cast on, which is a form of the german twisted–(i am surprized you define it as in elastic… perhaps its it because you make it tight…)

thanks for the video