Help Me ID This Pattern!

Hello knitters! I have come here to solve a puzzle that is bugging me!
Recently I was watching a western movie and was bored… until I noticed that the main character had a really, really, really neat scarf :yay: I spent the rest of the movie trying to figure out what pattern it was so that I can duplicate it, however I am a relative newbie and have no idea. I have been checking out and my best guess so far is that it is some kind of rib stitch (uneven rib?).
I have attached two pictures of the scarf (sorry they are not better, they are screen grabs!). One is a relative closeup and one is from a bit of a distance.
The movie, if you were wondering, is “One Damned Day at Dawn…Django Meets Sartana!” and it is…okay. The scarf really makes it watchable :mrgreen:
Thank you for your help!

It [I]could[/I] be crocheted, not sure. If knit it could be about 4 rows of garter stitch, then 4 rows of k1 p1 rib. Cast on about 20 sts and try that out to see if it works, should be done on a fairly large needle, like worsted on a 10 or 10½.

Thank you! I’ll have to give it a try.
I took some clearer screen grabs and from these the scarf looks very odd, almost like pieces of dark brown fabroc were woven into the work or sewn in (?).

They may have used darker yarn for the garter rows, or that may not be garter, could be a garter ridge which has 2 rows of stockinette stitch between the garter/purl on RS ridges. This is probably machine knit, so you might not get quite the same effect hand knitting.

Is it possible this was done at least partially in slip stitch? I’m looking at the tops/bottoms of the light colored “loops” and they look “disconnected” from the sides of the “loops”. I’ve never worked in slip stitch so I’m guessing, but it sorta looks like some stuff I’ve seen around.