Help me for this pattern please?

Hi all. I’m a newbie from Vietnam and I’m dying to know the chart of this pattern.
I’ve found on some knitting web, but all I found is nothing :frowning:
Can anyone help me please?
I’ve been confused for weeks.

You see ? It looks like rib but it’s not. :frowning:

Welcome to KH!
Take a look at brioche st or fisherma’s rib worked with thick yarn on large needles. Some of the scarves look like a variation with perhaps a plain knit row included in the pattern.

Thank you for the tip. But do you think this is rib worked on a large needle and a smaller one?
I’ve just come up with this idea a few seconds ago :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. The different size sts are a feature of the way these ribs are knit. Give them a try with scrap yarn and see if they do what you want.

It looks a bit like minie stockinette or even fluffy brioche to me.

It looks a little like syncopated Briochestitch. If that’s not it, look around at the other stitch patterns on that site, it may be close to one. I was thinking waffle st, but the one shown there isn’t like what I was thinking. Here’s one donewith slip sts, which can make it look like it was done with different size needles, Maybe Shaker stitch.