Help me fix this!

OK so I made my mom a self-designed sweater for her birthday, based on her measurements. I made it with an acrylic yarn (Lion Microspun) and I designed it to be somewhat flowy, with 3/4 sleeves and fur trim. Here is my problem: all through the making of the sweater whenever I fitted it to her it looked great. Now it’s all done and the finished product is a couple inches too big on each side! :!!!: :?? The only solution I can think of is to make darts in either side of the cardi. How do I make darts in a finished sweater? Do any of you more experienced knitters (Hildy!!!) have any other suggestions? Many thanks!

I once used my sewing machine to take-in a sweater that was knit too large. I simple pinned it to size and used a regular straight stitch that was long, like a basting stitch. I did that first to make sure the feed dogs (the part of the machine that pulls the fabric through) were not warping the sweater sides. Then I did the real sewing with a regular length stitch.

After that I did a zig zag stitch just to the outside of the straight stitch and trimmed away the excess. It worked out nicely for me and I hope this gives you an option for taking in the sweater. Just remember to ease the stitches back out toward the armhole or you will get a puckered look there.

God luck!

Thanks! I talked to my mom about it and she is actually thinking about trying exactlyw what you described. (She sews, me not so much) I’ll tell her someone else tried it and it worked. Thanks again!!

Good luck with it and please let me know how it turns out.