Help me find these circulars! They must exist, they must

ugh! I love my harmony interchangable circ’s. BUT, I keep hearing (and seeing end results) of addi turbos. I asked someone after admiring her work and she told me to try addi turbo’s 12" (knitting diaper soakers mostly, and some other small baby items) So I choked a tad on the price and ordered one set of size 7 in a 12" length. I used them to finish off a leg on some baby pants…

Well, I loved them! Mostly I loved that there was no magic looping at all and the needles themselves were so short! It totally eliminated all my gaps whatsoever. The only exception to my love being when it came to finish off a leg of the baby pants I was knitting in a seed stitch, I could not easily purl at all with the 12" length.

I ordered from the same store a 16" size 7. My thought process was that the slightly longer cord (it’s the very next size up) would give me just enough room to make those purl stitches without feeling like I was going to snap the cord.

I got them today. And I am bummed…the needles themselves are twice the size as the 12" :help: …so basically I have what my harmony interchangeables already are. These would be absolutely perfect, if the [I][U]needles themselves[/U][/I] were smaller so the project could “take a turn” off the needle and down the cord sooner instead of being stretched to the end of the needle. It’s the actual needle length that seems to make all my smaller knitting mandatory magic looping.

I suppose I can suck it up and use all 12" size turbos, changing to my harmony’s when I need to do ribbing or finish off a leg…but I had to ask the pro’s (you ladies :wink: ) if any of you can relate to what I’m saying and have any advice or have I just lost it? Surely there is a set out there of circ’s that has a cord just a tad longer than 12" but still has a short needle like the addi turbo 12"…?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise with me while I find my niche :yay:

I use Addi 12" circulars all the time…I knit, purl, cable, ect…with them.

The way you hold the needle will constrict your purling.
I had problems with it too. I learned how to hold them differently and now I dont have problems with them. Try again and mess with different ways of holding the needle while purling. You cannot hold them horizontal to each other…its kind of an angle…well i cant explain it, but it can be done and once you figure it out. You wont notice a difference, it will just come natural.

Wait till you get ahold of an Addi 8" circular…


:thud: Melissa you scare me. 8" …see me nervously kick at the dirt…

okay, I will follow your advice and try playing with my purl stitches. Thanks for such a fast reply! :thumbsup:

I’m not quite sure I’ve encountered what you’re describing because I don’t often work on small things, but Hiya Hiya makes a 9" circular:"/Detail.bok

and I KNOW there is a 9" circular with a flexible cable SOMEWHERE, flexible meaning the cable itself has some elasticity, not just easy to bend like addis and knit picks. I can’t seem to find it now though and not sure if either of these would help anyway. :confused:

P.S. One more thing, Annie Modesitt pointed out I think on an episode of Vickie Howell’s show (I can’t believe I can’t remember the name of it right now, but I digress) that you never actually NEED to do a magic loop, if using a flexible cable like with knit picks or addis, you can just pull a bit of the cable out as needed to make things comfortable, she knits all the time like that and I do now as well, REALLY handy. It also comes in handy like when you are doing a hat or something along those lines, where you have the correct needle length but things just aren’t comfy and smooth yet. again, not sure if this will help you, but wanted to add.

ETA: Knitty Gritty!!! OMG

You could use both the 12" and 16" together in the round. Or if you have a longer one like a 24" to do ML with.