Help Me Find a Pattern!!

I am trying to find a knit pattern for a möbius cowl knit in the round with super bulky yarn. Can someone help me to locate a few patterns for me to choose from?

When I search on Ravelry, the only ones that come up are the ones where u sew the ends of a scarf together. Or that complicated thing by someone named Cat Bordhi.

Any ideas?? Can I just start knitting in the round but give my cast on stitches a twist first?


There just isn’t very many patterns in super bulky. I found some by using the filters. I’m not a fan of listening to Cat Bordhi either, but she does have info on the mobius cast on.

Thanks Jan,

I found a seed stitch one I liked from the Ravelry page u posted. It had a link to a video on how to twist the stitches to start a Möbius strip. Nothing complicated and I’m almost halfway done with the cowl already!

Thanks again!!

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