Help me find a fresh start

Hi, everybody,
As most of you are aware, I recently closed my non-knitting-related tea business due to financial/downturn in the economy reasons. It was emotionally difficult, but I am looking to move past it, and forward with my life.
That said, I need to get rid of the constant reminders around me, so I’m looking to unload a few things. If you need any of the following, please PM me here. It will notify me by email, and I’ll get right back to you.
I’m not setting a price on anything. If you don’t have the cash and still need the stash, I’ll send it to you anyway. If you feel compelled to send me something, I sure won’t say no! Send what you can or whatever you want. But don’t let is stop you if you can’t send anything.

Small shipping boxes
Basket fill (undyed/natural paper crinkles)
Basket shrinkwrap, small/medium size

And, I still have most of the flavors of tea, if you still want a tin or two, but I would certainly prefer to be paid for those…

Thanks to everyone who wants to help me make a fresh start!