Help me figure out this pattern?!

I’ve been teaching myself to knit for awhile, and I have the basics down okay, but I think I’ve been doing something wrong when it comes to rs and ws. What does it mean to turn your work? Turn it how? This may sound like a dumb question, but I’m such a hand-on, visual learner, it’s been hard for me to teach myself just by reading.

Also, my sister wants a scarf with two colors, so I found this one, but I can’t understand the pattern or how the colors come together. Can anyone kind of explain it to me? Or does anyone have any other simple two colored scarves that would be easy? Thank you in advance!

I guess it won’t let me put the link until I’ve posted more on the forum…

So, here is the one I’m trying to figure out:

When you turn your work you literally turn it around and start working on the other side. The RS is side you want to show to the public and the WS is the back side. Obviously with a scarf both will show, but you need to keep track so you knit the pattern correctly. You can put a locking marker or safety pin on the front of the work, the RS, to help you keep track at first. After awhile it’s pretty obvious which side is which with most patterns unless they are reversible.

That’s a slip stitch pattern. You slip the stitches purlwise…which is when you stick your right needle into the stitches from right to left and slip them from the left needle to the right needle. Like when you purl, but you won’t be working the stitches. You also have to have your yarn on the WS as you slip so watch that, too.