Help me decipher pattern?

I am having the hardest time getting started on the Rannoch mitts I want to make for SIL.

It’s written for dpn’s and for some reason I can’t figure out how to convert it to Magic Loop.

Here’s the pattern:

I was planning on putting the Staghorn cable stitches on one needle and teh Garter Rob stitches on the other, but just can’t get that Garter Rib area figured out.

I thought I could just knit the first 10 stitches, do that stghorn row 1 on the next 18, then I’m stuck. I would think I would knit the next 12 stitches as well, but the pattern says I should end with a purl stitch here so I’m confused.


Keep in mind that your join will be the center back (or underside) of your mitt.

Is this where the problem is? You could shift your stitches after the ribbing so the beginning of the ribbing round is in the center of the back needle. Then you can work the first 20 stitches in the Staghorn and the other needle in the garter rib.