Help me decide

I want to make the Judy Jetson cardigan. The pattern calls for Lamb’s Pride worsted, which I find a tad itchy. Plus, I think I really like the sparkle of the Classic Elite City Lights on sale at Webs. What do you think? I am leaning toward the Boston and Edinburgh colors.


love that Cardi - boston colour is my choice =D

Oh, I love that cardi… I personally would choose the Edinburgh. Both are lovely colors though.

Has anyone used/fondled City Lights? Would you consider it soft or scratchy. Anything I can compare it to?


In case anyone else was looking… I thought Edinburgh was gray, but I called Webs and found out it is dark brown. Still don’t know how soft it is though.


I really like that cardigan. My vote is for “Boston”

Pretty sweater. I vote for Boston too.

Definitely the Boston. :slight_smile:

Love the cardigan & I’m definitely rooting for Boston!! :cheering:

Boston is stunning! I wish I could buy it, but it’s wool and I’m a vegan :crying:

Have you guys ever seen a similar yarn without animal fibers? Please say yes!

Do you think the “thick and thin” of City Lights will give you the same effect on the ribbing on the collar that a “plain” worsted would. Maybe someone with more “variety of yarn” experience than I have would know…

Also, your pattern calls for size 6 needles and City Lights uses size 9 needles. (even though the gauge is the same) I don’t have a lot of experience switching yarns … would this make a difference ? Wouldn’t the “fabric” look different ?

Hildi – how bout all those " " :slight_smile:

There was a craftser thread about the cardigan and the question of needle size came up. The woman who wrote the pattern said she wanted a tight fabric and choose the smaller needles on purpose. Lamb’s Pride calls for a size 8 needle. I may have to experiment.

I have decided that Boston is my favorite of the colors, but still on the fence about the softness. The folks at Webs said that it is not a supersoft wool and that I would probably want to wear something under it. I rarely wear sweaters without an underlayer anyway. Unfortunately it is a final sale item.


How about some soy silk? It comes in different weights.

How about some soy silk? It comes in different weights.[/quote]

Oh, how cool! I was not aware of soy as yarn,now I’m happy,
Thank you Kemp for the info! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome…you’ve probably already found it but check out they also have bamboo and corn fiber yarn too!

I vote for Boston, where is this pattern from??

Here is a link to the pattern. There was a Knit Along on with some helpful info.


What a neat sweater! I like Boston too, are you going to use that?
Wow, I’ve just got spoiled with some Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk that I bought two balls of coz it was on sale. Wow. Now I don’t want to use scratchy yarn although I do like the natural sheep wool I just bought at a farm.

Since it’s ‘Judy Jetson’ I think it should be BRIGHT (like that pink) Space color.

I did order the Boston even though from what I have read it is not the softest wool. I really like the color and sparkle of the Boston, so I am going to give it a try. I recently made a wrap with sleeves (Karabella pattern) from some merino from 100purewool on ebay. I think it is comparable to Malabrigo. It is soooo soft and I am a bit spoiled by that. But the sparkle of City Lights kept calling me! I should probably get it next week some time.

So, in the mean time I really must make progress on my circular shrug and french market tote. And I need to make a baby present too.