Help me decide

I am making a wrap with sleeves that, when flat, has the below shape. The ends of the piece are in K1P1 rib. The wider section is in bricoche rib. The wool is worsted weight on size 11s (in the bricoche size 10s in the K1P1).

I really like the way the K1P1 rib looks, but am undecided on the “loopy” look of the brioche. Maybe I haven’t done enough of the brioche to make an accurate assesment, but hate to keep going, just to decide I hate it.

It does need to be stretchy, since it will get wrapped around and criss crosses in the front.

Any suggestions if another stitch pattern would be stretchy enough to accomplish this?


I think it looks fine the way it is, but I know what you mean about not wanting to go too far since you have doubts. No suggestion on an alternate stitch but I’m sure Ingrid or someone else will know.