HELP me choose!

I am about to start knitting a wedding gift afghan for 2 friends who will be getting married some time this summer. Only thing is, I can’t choose between these 2 patterns:

THIS one -

(which I would do with 2 strands instead of 6)

OR this one -

PLEASE place your vote for the Cable one or the rib one. Thank you very much!!!


Check the second link, Cindy. It may be this one?

They’re both beautiful whichever you decide on.

I fixed it salmonmac! Thanks for noticing!


I vote for cables.
This is an anonymous ballot, right? :wink:


I’m taking a general survey about which one you like better for a wedding gift, since I can’t decide. Nobody’s going to come knocking on your door demanding WHY you chose the one you did.

I will take everything into consideration and then choose.

Thanks for your vote!

Honestly, I would go for the cabled one only because it looks very luxurious and sophisticated.
The other one looks warm and nice also, though. Difficult choice to make…

Well said. If I’d had more caffeine already maybe I could have said something similar. There’s just something about that thick cabled one that speaks to me. It also looks a lot more complicated and that seems to mean something too.

I’d go for the luxurious cable too - but would probably need to do an upper body workout each day before starting! :wink:

addison… am i alone in this? they’re both beautiful, but addison has more of a ‘transitional’ style, where it fits between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern.’ so no matter their decor, it should work.

I wonder how Addison would be worked with doubled yarn and fewer stitches. It’s definitely a texture and thickness thing with the cushy cables, at least in part. I think you’re right the the rib look would be very good just about anywhere.

Both beautiful, but the cables are more of a show-stopper (and they look warmer which for some reason seems really important right now…:slight_smile: )

I like the Addison one because of it’s “reversibility”. I like the cable one for it’s “richness”. Decisions, decisions…

Thanks to all responders so far!!!

Is anyone else going to “vote”?? I’m still wavering between these 2 choices.


I vote for the cable one too.

It looks more special. :slight_smile:

One thing you can do is flip a coin, and then decide if you’re happy with the outcome.
Either way, it’s going to be a wonderful gift.

The cabled throw is much showier. Dramatic. Centerpiece on any sofa.

Addison, the ribbed throw, would only be best if you’re using am elaborate yarn, or color. Or if you need to watch your yarn budget.

Both are very nice! And IMO, your gift will be treasured no matter which one you knit!

I’d personally knit the cabled throw if I could afford the quantity of yarn needed. I’d use off-white, oyster, light grey, or light sand.

Thanks artlady!! I’m planning on using 2 strands of Caron One Pound acrylic yarn no matter which one i make. I’ll be using off white or a VERY light grey.