Help Me Choose!

Between these 2 patterns…

I met some knitters the other night and they invited me to their group on Sunday. I wanted to cast on for a simple scarf (to use some Malabrigo Silky Merino I got last week) that I could work on without paying too much attention. I’d already tried My So Called Scarf, but it wasn’t all that simple. Also, I wanted something reversible.

So I copied down a couple of stitch patterns on a Post it note and got going. The first was for the Mistake Rib Scarf, which was so simple I didn’t bother to print it out, just wrote down the one line pattern: (K2P2)* K3. Except I wrote K2P2K3. It seemed wrong when I got to the coffee shop, but I cast on anyway and it is coming out a wide garter stitch pattern with one row stockinette ribs. Actually I kind of like it.

When I got home, I looked up the actual pattern (DUH!) and cast that on with a different ball. I think I like the mistake scarf better than the mistake rib scarf (both are reversible)… What do you think? There is a superfluous column of purl stitches in the mistake scarf, so I would rework the pattern as: K2P1K3 (ending on the K3), but otherwise I think I’d keep it the same. Also realized I’m going to have to alternate balls since the 1st one has way more yellow tones…

The other thing to consider is that this is for my stepmom, and I already made Scrunchable Scarf for my Dad, which looks a lot like the Mistake Rib Scarf. It would probably be better to have them be more different…

i like them both tbh, but for me its th eribbed one thats mor my kinda scarf. but its personal what you think she’d like and you’d prefer to knit

I like them both, too. I chose the mistake scarf though. Another one that is super easy and you can do it in a group is this one by Yarn Harlot.

I don’t like her pictures, but here’s the pattern.

Here is mine. For some reason I never put the finished one on here!

i like the first one the best because it is different, but not completly out there

Hmmm, maybe I’ll cast on for that Stephanie scarf and see how I like it…

Jan!! You were supposed to help me choose between 2 options, not give me a third! :mrgreen:

I really like the mistake scarf – somehow it looks a little more feminine to me. Love that colorway, too. I’ve made the Yarn Harlot’s one row scarf a couple of times and love that pattern too, but for some reason I always think of it as a man’s scarf. Here’s a pic:

She does stuff like that… she made Moxiemade and me add to our insanely long rav queue by posting a great pattern.

I like the first one

The first one is really cool. Which one is that?

The first one is the Mistake Scarf, the second is the Mistake Rib Scarf. :slight_smile:

first one. I love the colorway, it’s pretty!:heart:

:shifty: :roflhard:

As a BIG fan of ribbing, I’ll vote for the second one. More visually, and texturally, interesting to me.


I like the second one!