Help me choose: Meditation shawl type thing for a guy?

One of my great aunts passed away very suddenly last night (she was my nana’s sister). We’re a typically tight knight Irish family and we’re all pretty crushed. My great uncle however (her husband) is just positively devastated. He can’t function right now and he’s a mess. Apparently the hospital waited until my Nana and my parents arrived to tell him my aunt was dead, because it was clear that it was not safe to tell him until some support had arrived :sad:.

He’s a sweet, sweet man–just as my aunt was a sweet lady–and they were married for more than 50 years. I’d like to knit him something for comfort, so I guess I’m asking for suggestions for a male version of a meditation shawl. (I know guys can wear them, but he’s not the type).

What do you all think? Have a favorite lapghan pattern you could share? Or suggestions for some different or smaller items that might be comforting? Thank you all in advance for the suggestions! :grphug:

What about a nice scarf in some smooshy soft yarn. Maybe Silver’s Palindrome (which knits up quite quickly) and make it a bit wider (another section or two of cables) in some super soft bamboo or MMMMMmmm.
I’m sorry for your family’s loss. I hope you can all pull together to support your uncle in this sad sad time.

Two things first came to mind - first, a ruana, as, imo, they don’t have the “feminine” look of most shawls. Next, although woven, I have seen many pictures of men in my family’s past who wore welsh shawls. I have seen a website selling welsh nusring shawls (for carrying baby) but it gives a good idea what I’m thinkin of - a biggish shawl with short thick fringe all the way around look here.

How about this?

My heart goes out to you and your family. My first thought for elderly grieving people is to wonder if they are eating well – I wonder if knitting him a little basket and filling it with some healthy snacks like nuts, raisins, hot chocolate mix with a dry milk base, tea, fresh or dried fruit, cheese – anything that might provide him with both comfort and some nutrition-filled goodies. The loss of a spouse is so devastating. I’m sure it would help if you also keep an eye out for all the little details he will forget, like shining his shoes for the funeral, eating, opening the mail, taking out the trash. << hugs >> He’s blessed to have someone like you near him.

THanks for the ideas I like those manly shawls, it also reminded me that I have 4 skeins of smooshy soft bamboo sittting in mystash. :thumbsup:

We are, of course, going to keep a lookout and care for him for a long while. My nana lives with my parents and Uncle Rich stayed at their house last night. He’ll probably be there for a bit of time. I specifically want a cozy knitted item in addition, something I can imbue with good vibes and memories while I knit, especially since my Auntie Pat used to knit. Thanks again for the pattern suggestions and well wishes.

I have no patterns better than those already posted, I just want to say I’m very sorry about your loss.:heart:

I think the shawl is a great idea. Whether he actually wears it around himself or not is beside the point. He’ll have have it to hold onto and remind him that he is loved and taken care of.:hug: