Help me choose/find my first sweater project!

I would like to knit my VERY first sweater, but don’t know how to find an “easy” one for my first sweater project!!!
I have been knitting “flat” things for years - baby blankets, lap robes, scarves, stuff like that. But I’ve never tried to knit anything for anyone to wear. I can knit and purl, follow a written pattern and have even knit in the round occasionally.
I’d like to find a SIMPLE beginner sweater or vest or something that would help me branch out and stretch my skills.
Any ideas on which one should be my very first??

Are you on Ravelry? They have checks 8777 pullover patterns, and over 1400 of them are free.

I’m doing a baby cardigan, top down, raglan, and am amazed how easy it is.

The most popular free raglan pattern on Ravelry is this one where you measure yourself, make some calculations, and start knitting following their directions - putting your numbers in.

Here are some sweater patterns from Knitty that are pretty simple and straightforward:

Top Secret

3x Chic



Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits has some very simple patterns. I used them for my first sweater. My daughter lives in WA and she checked the book out of the library, called me up and said, "Lets knit a sweater together. I got the book and away we went. I was a fairly new knitter, infact all I had made was scarves. I did have to go to my LYS once to get help, and I had some phone consultations with my daughter. I didn’t even know how to increase or decrease when I started the sweater. The patterns use bulky or chunky yarn and big needles so the sweater went fairly quickly. Be picky about what yarn you chose, I didn’t give enough thought to that, and my sweater is kind of scratchy, so it doesn’t get worn as much as I would like to wear it. I put a long sleeved t-shirt under it and wear it outdoors in the fall. (the double layer thing makes it to warm to wear in the house.) There is also an older knitting book out there called 25 gorgeous sweaters for the brand new knitter. (I bought the book for $5.00 on amazon.) It has some very easy patterns. DH is making his first sweater, for me:) from one of them now.
Let us know what you chose and how it goes.

Especially “Knitted Rose”. I’m going to try to find those books at the library soon! I had forgotten about the Yarn Girls. I LOVE them and haven’t seen them in a long time.

I will let you know what I decide to do from here!!!

Thanks to everyone!

WICKED!!! (<— three links there) :thumbsup:
Alas, it is currently sold out at The Loopy Ewe. That’s where I got my copy. The shipping’s only a dollar or two (depending on the weight) when your order only consists of patterns. I haven’t started mine yet, but it will be my first sweater (out of Mmmmalabrigo). I picked it because sooo many knitters over on Ravelry said it was great for their first sweater. Of course, I will most likely move on to most of Zephyr Style’s other patterns as well when I (finally) finish Wicked. When I picked up the pattern, I also grabbed 28Thirty. (<— three more links) It’s basically a long sleeved cropped cardigan, but I’ve seen some on Ravelry (particularly this one) that have been modified to be regular length. In fact, I believe I’ve seen mods on most all of the ZS patterns. Maybe that’s why I like them so much. You can tailor the pattern to your own specifications. Not that I’m to that point yet (obviously :teehee: ), but it’s nice to know I’ve got that option.

I just ran across this one on Lionbrand’s site. (If you don’t have a username and password you may need to get an account.) It’s knit in chunky yarn so it would work up quickly.

These are some wonderful patterns to choose from! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

Since our library system doesn’t have ANY of the Yarn Girls’ Guides at all, I special requested their Simple Knits book. So, when it comes in I’ll be looking it over. I also found a book called “Easy Sweaters” by Family Circle. That one has lots of simple sweaters too.

I’m having tons of fun looking at all different types of sweaters. After my husband gets a new job I’ll be able to buy the supplies for whichever one I finally choose.

Thanks to all for your support/suggestions,