Help me choose a pattern?

Good morning!
I’m terrible at choosing a nice pattern when I already have a specific yarn in mind, maybe you can help me :heart:.

My nana can no longer knit because of her arthritis and she gave me her stash yesterday:thumbsup:. There’s a bunch of Paton’s Shetland Ragg in there, it seems to be a bulky weight yarn and it’s a gray tweedy color. There was a back of a sweater of some sort already knit, she clearly had plans for this yarn but can’t fulfill them because of the arthritis pain :verysad:.

My nana is very sweet and we bond over my knitting. She’s always giving me pattern magazines she finds, etc. As a thank you for passing on her stash, I’d like to rework this yarn into a sweater for her (since that seems to have been her original intention). So I’m looking for a fairly simple cardigan pattern that will look nice in this yarn. Nothing very fitted, just something cozy and warm for sitting in front of the tv during the winter. Maybe a pocket in front for her glasses, etc.

Any suggestions? Or does anyone have a link to a build-your-own sweater type of chart or site? Thanks so much in advance.

Here’s a not so great pic of the yarn for inspiration

Look at Knitting Pure and Simple they have a cute top down sweater that would look good in that color.

I don’t have a specific pattern suggestion. But if it were me, I would look for a way to incorporate another color, or even another texture of yarn with it. I think I would go batty trying to knit something as large and time consuming as a sweater with just the grey.

I see a rolled collar neck down raglan sweater!!!


Here are some from Lion Brand that I WOULD LOVE!!! I’m sure your Nanna would also.




Thanks very much for the link to the Earthtone cardigan, Susan, it’s lovely and you’ve saved me alot of faffing about trying to find something like that.

There’s a couple of links here that might be worth a quick look:

Thanks for your help :cheering:
Having other people point out a few ideas always helps me get going in the right direction. I’ve found a few patterns that I think will work. I’m leaning towards one of these:

I think I like the shawl-collar cardigan best, and also the earthtone one. :mrgreen:

You’re spoiled for choice now! I think they’d all be suitable for the wool in your photo.

I like the Earthtone one and the the blue shawl collar.

Your Nana, I’m sure, will be chuffed if you pick up where she left off and you finish it for her.

All the Best